Copo Camaro Resurrection

When we take a look at the starting photo and the final product it is insane to say that the resurrected model of Copo Camaro was a junk yard vehicle. Level of modifications and the fact that every piece of this vehicle has been touched and driven to perfection just makes it even more impressive.

We can see few images and even a video of the progress and what has been done to the original to make it look perfect. Many body pieces and chassis parts were treated to remove lots of rust and to fix holes that were there. It is nothing strange to see vehicle like this with many problems so everyone needs to appreciate the looks of restored model.

Copo Camaro Restored

Copo Camaro Restored

Copo Camaro certainly is one of the US Cars that has iconic status so it is a great call to return it to former glory and to make it even better than the original was. Just like always it is important to stay true to the original and not to make many changes so that everyone knows what car was a base for any resurrection project.



Fantastic black color in combination with powerful engine is all you need. Enjoy these images and video. Great work guys.

Photo gallery:


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