2016 Kia K900 Price And Review

The 2016 Kia K900 is the American version of relatively new K9 sedan model from this Korean manufacturer. This model came as a replacement for Kia Opirus and it debuted in 2012, which is the same year when it sales started in South Korea, while it came in the rest of the world one year later.

This model is called Kia K9 in Korea, and only USA and Canada got the K900 name, because of K9 being a synonym for a dog in those countries. This model is on the top of whole Kia line up, with Kia Cadenza being a runner up. It is also the first rear wheel drive sedan model that came from Kia. It is based on BH-L platform, same as Hyundai Genesis. The 2016 Kia K900 is the future model of this sedan and although there aren’t too many information about this model online, we will try to gather as much as we can and guess some of the major characteristics it is going to come with.

Release Date

2016 Kia K900

2016 Kia K900

Only distinctive thing on 2015 model design was the familiar Kia grille, other than that whole vehicle looks pretty usual and boring. So there is a lot of possible things to change in the new model year. Roof and hood line need to be redesigned, same goes from headlights and tail lights. Main goal is to improve overall looks of this car so it would be more interesting to younger buyers that are looking for dynamics and more aggressive looks.

Review Of 2016 Kia K900

Car this big needs to come with comfortable interior that is going to be one of the best features in the 2016 Kia K900 model, same like in previous model years. It comes with a lot of luxurious and elegant materials like: wood, silver, matte, soft touch trims and premium leather upholstery. It comes with a large central infotainment screen and dual zone climate control. Seats are very supportive and wrapped in leather same as the steering wheel and gear shifter, while the front seats come with heating and ventilation even in the most basic trim levels.


2016 Kia K900 Interior

2016 Kia K900 Interior

Performance segment is probably not going to change much, although last year’s model came with a few big flaws, like acceleration lag for example. It comes with decent handling and some throttle lag as well but this is done to improve the smoothness of the vehicle, still we do not like it that much. Under the blunt hood of Kia K900 there is a large V8 engine that is able to deliver 420 horsepower and 376 pound feet of torque. Power is transferred to the rear wheels only and its engine is paired with eight speed automatic transmission.

Kia K900 Side

Kia K900 Side


Second option for the 2016 Kia K900 is the smaller and less powerful 311 horsepower V6 engine, but that’s not the best option, since we are talking about large and heavy car here. At this point for the US market we will be getting only a larger 5.0 liter unit and it is capable of returning 15/23 mpg in city/highway conditions.

2016 Kia K900 Price

Price of the 2016 Kia K900 is still unknown, last year’s price was quite big for Kia, it could be bought for almost $60,000 and it is definitely the most expensive Kia vehicle, and one of the most expensive vehicles from all South Korean manufacturers. This model is going to be released in the end of 2015 and will have similar price like the currently available version.

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