2016 Honda Odyssey Redesign And Pictures

The 2016 Honda Odyssey is a future model of this popular mini-van, that’s been in production since 1994. At this moment we only have rumors about the possibility that the 2016th model will be redesigned and since the last version was launched all the way back as 2012th model it is quite possible to see some significant changes.

This model was developed during crises in Japan in the beginning of the nineties, so its size was largely decreased so it could fit in Compact MPV class. This small mini-van was well received in Japan, but when they tried to export it to United States, it didn’t get the expected popularity. After this, Honda decided to introduce a larger MVP that’s going to be sold in United States, which is when the regular US Odyssey was born. Later this model was introduced on Japanese market and it was named Honda LaGreat. 2016 model is going to be the new generation Honda Odyssey, so we expect a lot nice updates.

Release Date

2016 Honda Odyssey Side

2016 Honda Odyssey Side

Until now only thing that’s been released about the new model are few announcements, but Honda is keeping its new Odyssey a secret, for some time now, so we know they are preparing something special. We know it is going to be based on the same platform like Accura MDX, but we think that its suspension is going to be changed, and it is going to come with a possible air-spring setup.

2016 Honda Odyssey Redesign

It is hard to find out anything about the interior features of 2016 Honda Odyssey. We expect the same interior layout for the new model since that was one of the things that got a lot of praises from the reviewers. On the other hand seats in 2016 Honda Odyssey can come as more supportive and one of the things Honda might introduce in the new model is the folding middle row, since most of the mini-vans and even three row SUVs have that option now. When it comes to features, expect something better than the last year, since in 2015 best infotainment system was only available with the Touring trim level, but now they might introduce it for some lover level trims, or even the base version.


2016 Honda Odyssey Back

2016 Honda Odyssey Back

The 2016 Odyssey will come with a new engine. There are rumors that Honda is going to introduce 3.5 liter Earth Dreams V6 unit and this engine is the product of Honda Advanced Technology research, made by Honda engineer team. This engine introduces new valve train mechanisms and direct injection in the SOHC, VTEC and VMC systems. With this new technology, 2016 Honda Odyssey will come with 5-10% better fuel efficiency. Since this project is still on we can expect new and better characteristics in the performance section every year, with the goal to achieve 30% decrease in CO2 emissions until 2020 model year.

Honda Odyssey Interior

Honda Odyssey Interior


Price of the 2016 Honda Odyssey is still unknown, but it is definitely going to be increased from last year’s $28,975 for a base version. Just like always, expect to see only few hundred dollars increase and we are pretty sure that it will stay under $30,000 so it would be competitive and to again take top spots in the segment with its sale results.

Pictures Of 2016 Honda Odyssey

Current information’s suggest that it will probably arrive at the dealers during the fall of 2015. Exterior design could be sourced from Honda M Concept that brings it closer to Acura MDX but still stay true to the original Odyssey. We will offer both set of images so you can imagine what the 2016 Honda Odyssey could look like.

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