2016 Honda Crosstour Redesign And Review

The 2016 Honda Crosstour is the future model of this full size crossover that is already in development and we do expect it to come with few quite interesting changes. During first few years of its production this car was labeled as Accord Crosstour, since it was a crossover version of the most popular Honda vehicle but soon after those things changed and we have one significantly different vehicle.

In the Honda’s SUV line up this model is placed just below the Honda Pilot, although it is little bit longer it comes with only two rows of seats. It shares the same platform like Honda Accord since the beginning of its production in 2009, when it sales started as part of the lineup in 2010 model year. In 2012 its Accord prefix was removed and it had a significant facelift in which its grille and almost the whole front part were changed. Last few Crosstour models had many similarities with new Acura TL, this worried Crosstour fans, since it can even mean that Honda plans to cancel this model, since it never get too popular comparing to other similar crossovers. We also hope that’s not going to happen and that 2016 Crosstour is going to be changed to the better, so it can become more competitive in full size crossover class.

2016 Honda Crosstour

2016 Honda Crosstour


One of the biggest fails when it comes to Crosstour is its shape and exterior styling. Honda fans were used to Accord wagon, and now they got something in between of a hatchback and crossover SUV that’s definitely less practical than a tall wagon with plenty of cargo and back seat space. Maybe the new 2016 Honda Crosstour model will come with the different shape in the back, at least that would have been the logical step towards winning over the crowds to fall in love with this relatively new crossover.

Redesigned 2016 Honda Crosstour

Interior of the 2016 Honda Crosstour is kind of a mystery, since one of the largest mistakes in last year’s model design was exactly the interior layout. This crossover definitely needs more space in the back seat, especially when it comes to headroom. When designing Accord, Honda undermined its exterior look to make it more comfortable and functional for the passengers, last year’s Crosstour designers didn’t do that, and that’s definitely the thing that needs to change in 2016 model year. Backward roof slope didn’t only influence rear passenger head room, but cargo area as well, which is another issue that needs to be solved when designing the next model.

Release Date

Honda Crosstour Side

Honda Crosstour Side

Performance section of the new model is probably not going to change much. Base version will probably come with 192 horsepower four cylinder engine that’s going to be paired with six speed automatic transmission, while the second engine in the lineup is the Earth Dreams 3.5 liter V6 unit, that is able to deliver 278 horsepower and 252 pound feet of torque. It comes with paddle shifters that are mounted behind steering wheel and six speed automatic transmission.

2016 Honda Crosstour Grille

2016 Honda Crosstour Grille


Price of the 2016 Honda Crosstour, if it doesn’t get discontinued while I’m writing this, is not going to change much, even if it comes with facelift in the next model year. You can expect to pay around $28,000 for the base version with four cylinder engine and around $32,000 for the trim levels that come with V6 and four wheel drive.

2016 Honda Crosstour Review

We are still waiting for official info about the 2016 Honda Crosstour for which we still miss few things. As soon as we get those we will provide it here so stay tuned. It is expected to launch before the end of the next year but more details will be offered even before this.

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