2016 Honda CR-V Review And Release Date

The 2016 Honda CR-V is a future model of the one of the most popular Honda crossover vehicles. First model of this line up came in 1995 and it was designed with a lot of influence by the Honda Civic. It is still unknown what does CR-V stand for in this crossover’s name, most of the people think it stands for “Compact Recreational Vehicle”.

Production of this model started in Japan, then it spread to Swindon in UK, where most of the international models are produced and when this car was introduced in United States Honda spread its production to the East Liberty facility in Ohio as well. Later production spread to Mexico, Canada and China.


2016 Honda CR-V

2016 Honda CR-V

In most of the world markets this model is Honda’s entry level SUV and the smallest out of all from the Honda line up. In Canada and US, only Honda Element was smaller in size, but then it was discontinued in 2011. Second bigger SUV in Honda line up is Honda Pilot. First image of the redesigned 2015 model was revealed in September this year and it is obvious that CR-V had a one of the bigger facelifts in its production history.

2016 Honda CR-V Review

Facelift of the Honda CR-V’s exterior covered front and rear end of the car. These changes puts it closer to other cars from the Honda line up, mainly to Accord and Civic and we do not expect any significant differences for the 2016 Honda CR-V model. It received more aggressive grille and new bumper design that gives new and sportier look to this popular crossover. Rear bumper was also changed as well as the taillights. There are also going to be some new wheel options that will come with some higher trim levels.


2016 Honda CR-V Interior

2016 Honda CR-V Interior

Interior of the 2016 Honda CR-V also remains the same and that is confirmed by most of the online reviewers community. We figure that the first thing that’s going to be changed in the new model is its dashboard that doesn’t really match this car’s interior design. Central console is probably going to be the prime target of interior facelift that could be offered with 2016th model.

Honda CR-V Engine

Honda CR-V Engine


Performance is not going to change drastically, as we expect that the model that’s going to be sold in United States is going to come with the same 2.4 liter inline four cylinder engine, just like it was the case with last year version. Back then this engine was able to deliver 185 horsepower and 163 pound feet of torque. It is going to be paired with six speed automatic transmission. There are rumors that Honda is working on some new engine options for this model, some say they are developing small displacement engines that are going to come with CR-V in some other countries. Anyway US buyers need to wait for these for one or two model years more.

Release Date Of 2016 Honda CR-V

Although 2016 Honda CR-V is coming with almost no changes we are pretty sure that its price is not going to change a lot. You can maybe count on minor increase in addition to the last years $23,320 but it will most likely stay under $23,500. Release date is not revealed yet, but we think it is going to arrive at the dealers during the summer of 2015th.

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