2016 Honda Accord Release Date And Price

Honda Accord is long lasting car series made by this Japanese manufacturer. If we look at the worldwide sales, we might notice that variety of models from hatchbacks, sedans, coupes and station wagons have Accord name, but in United States only true Accord is the popular sedan version, which is one of the best-selling sedans on the market and the 2016 Honda Accord comes to the market to continue this successful story.

This car was made in 1976 as a replacement for Honda 1300 and a platform expansion of early Honda Civic model. It came to US in 1982, and it was produced in Honda’s facility in Marysville, Ohio. This car always came with basically the same body size, but since the EPA changed their rules few times through its production it officially went from compact car, to mid-size car and in the end it became full-size car. The 2016 Honda Accord is the future model of this legendary sedan. It is going to be hard to guess how this model is going to look, but we’ll try to do it by comparing it with some of its rivals and seeing some changes previous models went through.


Honda Accord Back

Honda Accord Back

This model came as a new generation vehicle two years ago and it went through a large exterior redesign back then. Since the generation shift it didn’t come with anything new on the outside. Redesign pushed Accord more towards some swooped design vehicles like Nissan Altima or Ford Focus. Unfortunately instead of continuing with that in a new model year Honda decided to give back basically the same car, and to play on Accord’s old glory. That was wrong in so many ways, so we hope that in 2016, this model is going to receive even fancier and more modern design.

Release Date Of 2016 Honda Accord

One of the main Honda’s mottos when it comes to its designer team is: „Man maximum, machine minimum“. This means that they don’t plan to cut off or make nonfunctional any part of interior in purpose of making their car look better on the outside. That’s a good motto if you ask us, and we hope that a 2016 Honda Accord is going to be made in according to it.

2016 Honda Accord Interior

2016 Honda Accord Interior


We hope for even bigger passenger space, since the 2015 model came with small increase in the front row, we expect the same with the back row, and keep our fingers crossed for even more leg and head room in the back. Don’t expect anything less than premium when it comes to materials used in making new models interior. Accord was always known as the model that gives more for less, and premium for the price of average.

2016 Honda Accord Side

2016 Honda Accord Side


When it comes to performance we expect the same engine as last year, at least in the base version. So get ready for another 2.4 liter direct-injection four cylinder engine. This engine was able to produce 185 horsepower in last year’s model and it was paired with either six speed automatic transmission or CVT. Second engine is definitely going to be the 278 horsepower 3.5 liter V6, which will also have manual transmission option.

2016 Honda Accord Price

We hope that the price of the 2016 Honda Accord is not going to change much from this year’s $22,105 for the base version. It might get slight increase for about few hundred dollars but nothing major. Release date is still unknown, but we hope to get slightly more information’s about the price and release date during the next year, probably before during the spring of 2015th.

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