2016 GMC Sierra Release Date And Changes

Pick-up trucks became trendy again, and now not only survivalists and other conservatives drive those, but also the younger crowd considers those vehicles a good choice. This means that new day has come for the GMC Sierra and its mechanical twin Chevrolet Silverado. It will be interesting to see the sale results of the 2016 GMC Sierra and similar models.

Both Silverado and Sierra models came in 1998, when they replaced long running Chevrolet C/K line. In the first generation these two pick-up trucks were produced as the light duty pickups, while the GMT400 that continued from C/K line took the role of the heavy duty truck at the time. Heavy duty Silverado and Sierra came one year after. It is still unknown how 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 light duty pick-up truck is going to look. It is hard to find any information online, but there is one rumor circling around about GM introducing diesel engines in its light duty Sierra and Silverado models.


2016 GMC Sierra Interior

2016 GMC Sierra Interior

At this moment GMC Sierra 1500 comes as a Crew Cab, Regular Cab and Double Cab versions. No information about some future exterior modifications, but we think that it is very possible that for the 2016 GMC Sierra model year we’ll see King Cab version rolling. Usually Crew Cab version arrives at the showrooms before the others, so this is probably going to be the case with 2016 model, so we expect first model to come in May, while the rest are hopefully going to arrive in the fall of 2015th.

Changes For 2016 GMC Sierra

It is really hard to make any guesses when it comes to 2016 GMC Sierra interior. Time when pick-up truck interior weren’t important and when the hard plastic was the prime material is long gone. Now when trucks popularity became much wider, new interior treats are always one of the first things possible buyers are searching for. Knowing this we expect to see new model equipped with climate control, navigation for higher trim levels, at least six speakers, cloth upholstery and optional leather trim, etc.


GMC Sierra Side

GMC Sierra Side

Just like always one of the most important categories for the this and many other similar trucks is the possibility to be used on the construction yard and for heavy jobs. Previous models of this pickup managed to keep high positions in this segment and hard competition forced them to improve even further. Customers will have most benefits from these upgrades and without a doubt we are getting one improved truck.

Performance is another thing that’s becoming better with every new truck model. Today’s light duty, was heavy duty less than 10 years ago. In base version of 2016 GMC Sierra we can expect 4.3 liter V6 engine, next in line would probably be 5.2 liter V8, which will come with better fuel economy than similar engine seen in Ford F 150. Top of the line would be 6.2 liter V8 beast.

2016 GMC Sierra

2016 GMC Sierra


Diesel representative for the 2016 GMC Sierra will remain the same with the 6.6 liter Duramax V8 unit but we do expect to see power, torque and tow rating bump to a higher level. This needs to be done so it could successfully compete with improved diesel units from Dodge and Ford. Most likely this large turbocharged diesel will develop about 420 hp and more than 800 lb-ft of torque and could come again to heavy duty models. Those that need diesel in lighter models could get smaller version but at this point these are only rumors and the 3.0 liter or similar version still looks far from possible in the 2016th model.

2016 GMC Sierra Release Date

Price of the new model is really hard to guess but we expect it to stay on pretty much same level like currently available model, we hope that price is not going to be much higher than the current slightly above $26,000. When it comes to release date, GM has some schedule that they respect so it is not hard to guess that the first Sierra models will arrive at the dealers in just 7 or 8 months, while the rest of the lineup is going to come in the fall of 2015. While you are waiting for more details about the 2016th model you can go and read more about the 2015 GMC Sierra.

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