2016 Ford Edge Review And Price

The previous generation of the Ford Edge has been around for more than a few years and during this time it managed to get quite a few people interested in it. However, the car was starting to get quite old so Ford had to do something with it. Well, the end result is the 2016 Ford Edge, a car which has just been released a few months ago, a car that has almost nothing in common with the previous generation.

This new version is lighter, more powerful, better at towing things around as well as much better looking. While at first it may seem like the car has nothing to do with the current Ford design language, at a closer inspection it becomes clear that it is in fact one of the better representations of the Kinetic 2.0 design. With changes that it brings Ford manages to bring this vehicle closer to the rest of the lineup.

Price Of 2016 Ford Edge

Unfortunately though, there aren’t many details out yet even though the car has been released. We do know what type of engines it will get most of the interior equipment and design as well as a base price. It seems that the pricing is going to be kept, so the base model of 2016 Ford Edge will cost just below $29,000 while the higher end versions are going to reach up to around $40,000 but for that amount of money you are getting a lot more equipment in Sport trim and all-wheel drive.


2016 Ford Edge Side

2016 Ford Edge Side

The platform employed on the new Edge is also brand new, being shared with most of the mid-size cars in the Ford roster. However, even though it is completely new, there are minor similarities between the two such as the actual size as well as a similar configuration for the suspension system.


Under the hood of the 2016 Ford Edge there have been a lot of changes over the previous model, even though the engines might seem to be the same as before at a first glance. The base is now a 2 liter EcoBoost which is similar to the old model but in fact it has a new twin-scroll turbocharger, new internals as well as a new intake system, all of which are there to give the car more low-end torque. The end result is that it can now be ordered with all-wheel drive as well as it can be rated to tow up to 3500 pounds. The option is now the old base engine, a 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6 which is good for 280 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. Both of these are quite similar in general feel but the V6 is a bit smoother.

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2016 Ford Edge Back

2016 Ford Edge Back

The top of the range model on the other hand has a brand new 2.7 liter EcoBoost Nano V6 which pumps out 310 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque, more than enough to tow safely up to 5000 pounds. All of these engines come with a standard 6 speed transmission which is likely to be upgraded to the new 9 speed by 2016.

Ford Edge Interior

Ford Edge Interior


It also comes changed inside the cabin so the new 2016 Ford Edge is now a bit more refined. It has a few new design elements from the Fusion as well as a similar layout to that of the MKX. On the back seats there is a lot more room thanks to a slightly longer wheelbase and in the front the passengers can enjoy most of the commodities even from the base model. As standard it comes equipped with dual zone automatic climate control, partial leather upholstery, satellite navigation, a premium audio system which can be further upgraded and more.

2016 Ford Edge Review

On the exterior of the 2016 Ford Edge there has also been a lot of work so the car is a better representation of the new design language. The front end is slightly more aggressive with a hexagonal grille and integrated headlights while at the back it takes a bit of inspiration from the MKX, meaning that the end design is very attractive for such a crossover.

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