2015 Toyota Venza Review And Price

Toyota has been gearing for the year 2015 with a number of new releases and some great redesigns. While most people may prefer to go for the speed monsters, the just announced 2015 Toyota Venza might capture the attention of many SUV lovers as well as those that are looking for a new and comfortable vehicle to get their families around. It was redesigned for 2013th so we will be getting only few small changes and after the word gets around enough, it is bound to be getting a lot more attention. Here is why.

This one of a kind SUV will boast of a 2.7 liter, 4 cylinder gasoline engine coupled to a 6 speed automatic transmission with the two being able to put out 181 horsepower, with 198 worth of torque per ft. For those drivers that might be looking for something different, there are other options that one can go for that includes the stronger engine which comes with 3.5 liter displacement in V6 order but that comes with a an extra pressure on the price tag and lower fuel economy. Larger engine can produce 268 hp that will certainly be more than enough for most drivers.


2015 Toyota Venza

2015 Toyota Venza

There are no official numbers for the fuel economy of the 2015 Toyota Venza but we expect it to remain on the same level like it was the case with previous year model. Just like it was before smaller and less powerful engine will have better and returns 20/26 mpg in city/highway drive conditions. Second, more powerful option returns slightly lower fuel economy and with all-wheel drive system it offers 18/25/21 mpg in city/highway/combined drive conditions.

2015 Toyota Venza Review

As you would expect the new version of the Toyota Venza will be better looking than its predecessors with some of the changes revolving around the front with grille taking a change to give the car a livelier and more serious look. Other parts that will receive a makeover include the fog lights, headlights and it is expected that the company will use chrome as the main material in the exterior of the SUV which is expected to have 3 different colors to give it a more modern look.

Toyota Venza Side

Toyota Venza Side

In the interior, the seats are arranged in two rows arrangement that gives the car a better and more savvy look. The car also has a greater trunk and tail gate capacity that is more beneficial to the car owner. Additionally, the 2015 Toyota Venza also has a six inch screen that has touch command with a navigation system among other amenities that include seat heating, cruise control and air conditioning.

Release Date

2015 Toyota Venza Interior

2015 Toyota Venza Interior

For the sake of safety, the car will come installed with ABS braking system, a traction and stability control and a number of air bags to help you in the event of a crash. The car also has a state of the art anti-theft system fitted in so that you’re not only safe in your car but your car is also safe. These are all important categories for buyers that are looking for new cars and Toyota manages to offer a lot in this segment.

Price Of 2015 Toyota Venza

It is not known when the car will be officially released and ready for sale but it is certain that the car will be completed in the last quarter of the current year. Those that have picked interest with this particular model should expect to pay anywhere around $28,000 to $29,000 to make the 2015 Toyota Venza theirs. Previous year model cost was about $28,000 and we do expect this price to rise only slightly but nothing major.

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