2015 Pontiac Trans Am Price And Specs

Even though Pontiac died at the end of 2010, its legacy still remains. This legacy is what it is, mostly thanks to the iconic Pontiac Firebird muscle car. It is hard to imagine Pontiac will ever again rise from the ashes, but its best known car could rise like a phoenix which it was anyway. That could happen if GM decides to risk a little bit, which, even though is hard to imagine, isn’t entirely impossible since economic recession is behind us so we could see the all-new 2015 Pontiac Trans Am.

In the past this was a specialty package or trim level for Firebirds since 1969. This is a nameplate that is inseparable with Firebird and should be expected to feature as such. Considering all the low-emission hype today, GM is most likely going to make regular Firebird with an 4-cylinder turbocharger unit and Trans Am model with a turbocharged V6 since V8 engines are simply out these days. If they decide to import Camaro’s engines to the lineup, which is also a possibility, lineup will be composed of V6 and V8 engines with horsepower ratings from 323 to 580 and we are pretty sure that V8 units will be also offered.

Specs Of 2015 Pontiac Trans Am

Almost fifteen years have passed since Firebird was discontinued and GM will be hard-pressed to recreate its body after so much time. However, for the first model, there is bound to be many nostalgic lines and shapes as it will probably feature some angular parts for old time’s sake. Even if GM doesn’t decide to resurrect Firebird, Trans Am Depot Team from Tallahassee, FL has a license to use Trans Am moniker in Firebird recreating process. They strip all-new Camaros and replace their chassis with custom ones which resemble old Firebirds. It is a costly process, but the most authentic one for now and if you want to get 2015 Pontiac Trans Am it is the only way.

2015 Pontiac Trans Am Top Side

2015 Pontiac Trans Am Top Side

Interior will probably closely resemble that of Chevy Camaro. That means a mixture of track and comfort oriented elements, not that expensive and luxurious as those in Corvette. Seats will have ergonomic design with plenty of support and steering wheel will be track-oriented. What Firebirds and Trans Am’s of old didn’t have, are the high-tech features like touch screen display with HD radio, navigation and smart device connection support. That could well change as GM wouldn’t miss on an opportunity to upgrade 2015 Pontiac Trans Am in such a way, to go in hand with the time.


Pontiac Trans Am Side 1

Pontiac Trans Am Side 1

Fuel economy ratings are a special story for now as powertrain options haven’t been chosen. They would have to be in Camaro range which is between 17 mpg and 28 mpg combined, depending on an engine choice. The 4-cylinder could improve these figures a bit, but not by much. It is important for 2015 Pontiac Trans Am to offer both great amounts of power but also decent fuel economy.

2015 Pontiac Trans Am Price

Prices are also an unknown, but Camaro is yet again the best comparison. Regular Firebird could be obtained for around $30,000, but 2015 Pontiac Trans Am model of Firebird could cost even as high as $50,000. This is the price that would also allow it to compete against main competitors currently available on the market like Mustang, Charger, Challenger and similar. Since there are no confirmation’s about the looks of this model we are delivering images of more than a few models and the next version could be based on one of those cars.

2015 Pontiac Trans Am Front 1

2015 Pontiac Trans Am Front 1

Release Date

Will Pontiac, or better to say GM Firebird Trans Am see the light of day again depends exclusively on Detroit-based company. If this happens, we could still wait for some time since 2015 seems too early for such an adventure. However, if you are a real enthusiast and have the money to spend, then Trans Am Depot is the place for you as the boys there do a great job for those that want to have 2015 Pontiac Trans Am. We certainly do hope it will stay true to the roots and that design will be firmly bound to previous versions of this model.

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