2015 Nissan X Trail Review And Specs

The X-Trail already is at its third generation so you can expect it to grow into quite a refined car. Well, that’s quite true. The new 2015 Nissan X Trail features a new design that is more in theme with all the other Nissan cars and also new and improved engines that promise to reduce fuel consumption and to increase power slightly.

The base model of the X-Trail will be available somewhere during the start of 2015 and it will cost around 23.000$ while the most expensive one will set you back 33.000$. Price mainly depends on the trim level and equipment that one model brings. There are three trim levels: ST, ST-L and Ti, both ST and ST-L can be bought with FWD or AWD system while the Ti comes only with 4WD option.

2015 Nissan X Trail

2015 Nissan X Trail


Nissan hasn’t said anything about what will power the car but we expect to see 2.0 liter I4 that produces about 145 hp at 6000 rpm and 200 NM of torque at 4400 rpm. The 2.5 liter 4 cylinder will be offered with a few minor modifications to improve fuel consumption. It will develop somewhere around the 175 horsepower mark at 6000 rpm and as much as 170 lb-ft of torque at 4400 rpm.

Specs Of 2015 Nissan X Trail

Another possibility that has been only in rumors is the hybrid drivetrain that will feature a 2 liter petrol engine coupled to an electric motor. This one will also feature a battery pack for an all-electric operation and to reduce fuel consumption at low speeds. This powertrain will be able to make about 200 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque but it will be more expensive than the base model by a considerable margin.

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Nissan X Trail Back

Nissan X Trail Back

The only available gearbox that will be available both on the petrol and hybrid 2015 Nissan X Trail is the CVT transmission that is great for fuel consumption and smoothness but terrible for anything else. It is mated to the front wheels while an optional four wheel drive system is available with an adaptive mode that will let you select on what type of surface you’re running as well as an auto-mode that will sort out everything for you.

2015 Nissan X Trail Side

2015 Nissan X Trail Side

Because this is quite a cheap car, there isn’t as much interior equipment as we would want. The quality is good though and the option list is also extensive. You will get manual AC and a MP3 player as standard while a touch screen with satellite navigation and climate control are optional extras. On top of that, the seats are really comfortable and the rear bench can be folded making a lot more space in the trunk whenever you need it.

2015 Nissan X Trail Review

Over the current model, the 2015 Nissan X Trail only features a few improvements. The headlights and front grille have been changed a bit in order to improve engine cooling and to reduce drag coefficient. This decreases fuel consumption and also running noise. Besides these minor changes, the car is pretty much unchanged, do not expect a lot in this department from 2015th model. We hope it will be offered with a redesigned looks in the next couple of years.

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