2015 Mercedes GLK Review And Changes

GLK is the least expensive way to drive SUV crossover built by this German manufacturer. This class of compacts looks good and is smaller than a class of sturdy luxury G models which is considered to be GLK’s bigger brother. Without a doubt the level of performance and luxury in 2015 Mercedes GLK is great.

It can hardly be called a class for now, since there is only couple of models available, but things will surely be changed later on. For now, 2015 Mercedes GLK is offered with petrol and diesel powertrain. 250 BlueTEC model is moved by a 2.1L twin-turbo diesel engine which delivers 200 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. Other model is the GLK350 which has 3.5L V6 engine making 302 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. While diesel model has mandatory 4MATIC all-wheel drive system, petrol model offers a choice between 4WD and RWD. Both vehicles however benefit from 7-speed automatic transmission that can also be controlled with paddle shifters.

2015 Mercedes GLK Review

GLK’s have the boxy angular shape which they share with G class, but are genuinely smaller and lower. Low nose of 2015 Mercedes GLK has a two-stripe grille on trapezoid mesh background and angular headlights for a generally smiling feel. Boxy SUV is finished with rhombus tail-lights and couple of rectangular exhaust pipes down low. It certainly reminds us on a G Class but with much more family friendly looks and not that rough look of G model.

2015 Mercedes GLK Interior

2015 Mercedes GLK Interior


Interior trim is almost as luxurious as it is in other Mercedes models, but not quite. If you want leather seats, you’ll have to get them from optional package but many of its owners probably won’t make out the difference between genuine and standard synthetic leather. Rest of the luxury touches are ever present as plenty of small things are made of chrome, while dashboard is practically all made of wood. Dash in 2015 Mercedes GLK is generally simple and effective and holds a 5.8-inch LCD screen in cluster of its own. Multimedia package adds 7-inch screen with rearview camera, voice control, navigation and 10 GB of space, while premium options include panorama roof, power liftgate and integrated compass among others.

Release Date

Mercedes GLK Back

Mercedes GLK Back

Standard safety features include dual front, side, and curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes, and traction and stability control. Optional upgrades add park assist and parking sensors, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitors and adaptive cruise control. Just as always Mercedes manages to offer safety level that is among the best in class with their 2015 Mercedes GLK.

Mercedes GLK Side

Mercedes GLK Side


Best fuel efficiency is without any doubt offered with 2015 Mercedes GLK BlueTEC diesel one which is rated at 24 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. Petrol engine is rated at 19/25 mpg with RWD, while 4WD lowers the numbers by a point. There’s plenty of room for prices to fluctuate, but in general, GLK350 costs $37,900 and GLK250 BlueTEC has a price tag of $38,980. After adding more optional equipment you can expect to see these prices jumping to a much higher level.

Changes For 2015 Mercedes GLK

The 2015 Mercedes GLK class consists of two options which are miles apart in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. However these models look the same and offer the same pack of features which can be upgraded through optional equipment. Release date has not yet been confirmed but expect this car it to come in the next couple months, before the end of this year it will be available on almost all markets to which it will be delivered.

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