2015 Honda Odyssey Rumors And Price

First Honda Odyssey was launched in 1994 and we can say that this 20 years old mini-van has an interesting history which reflects developments that struck world’s auto industry, especially the Japanese car manufacturers. After many years since original we are getting 2015 Honda Odyssey that is significantly different vehicle when it comes to technology.

In the beginning of the 90’s Japan was fighting with large economic crises. As we’ve witnessed in some other similar situations, world car manufacturers usually are the first who got struck in these circumstances. In the middle of all that, Honda decided to release its new mini-van, but since the demand of these giant vehicles, was at its lowest point, they decided to release smaller mini-van, that falls in Compact MPV class. This new vehicle got positive reviews in Japan, and became one of the most popular mini-vans in the country.

2015 Honda Odyssey Rumors

After this Honda decided to start exporting it to the United States, but Americans didn’t like such a small mini-van, and Honda Odyssey wasn’t as popular as they though it will be. Then Honda decided to introduce larger Honda Odyssey mini-van for American market since 1999. American version of Honda Odyssey is produced in Honda facility in Lincoln, Alabama.

2015 Honda Odyssey Side

2015 Honda Odyssey Side

It is incredible how many sedan features we can see in last few Honda Odyssey models. When looking at its profile it is impossible not to notice its slick and modern line, which is one of the best designed mini-van exteriors on the market. Front part looks like a typical Honda, also with a scent of sedan styling, which makes Odyssey one of the most aerodynamic mini-vans. In 2014 model rear end didn’t give much when it came to original styling solutions, we believe that this part is going to be redesigned with 2015 Honda Odyssey model.

2015 Honda Odyssey Back

2015 Honda Odyssey Back

Release Date

When it comes to interior, there’s nothing to change. This year model received dozens of positive reviews on the quality materials used, its cabin space, comfort of its seats. There was only one remark about the front seats, which they are not supported enough, which is probably going to be solved in 2015 Honda Odyssey. Honda gave a nice bunch of hi tech features in its basic package. It comes with: 8 inch touch screen display, rear view camera, Bluetooth, few USB ports, seven speaker surround sound audio system etc. With some higher trim levels, like EX or EX-L you get even more features as a standard.

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey


Honda Odyssey was praised in last few model years for its excellent handling and smooth shifter. Its V6 motor makes more than enough power, so we don-t think there is going to be too many changes in performance segment. Its 3,5 liter V6 can deliver 248 horsepower and it can reach 19 mpg in city conditions and 23 mpg on the highway. It comes with six speed automatic transmission. Although there are much more powerful engines in its class, 2015 Honda Odyssey results when it comes to performance are expected to be very good.

Price Of 2015 Honda Odyssey

We still don’t know the price of 2015 Honda Odyssey, but we think it is not going to be much higher from the $29,000 since the 2014 Odyssey was sold at $28,825. Release date is still unknown, but we expect more info about the date and the price in the next few months. Dealership availability depends on the market but it could be offered in most markets before the end of this year.

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