2015 Ford GT40 Price And Specs

Latest reports say that another legend from Ford could be returning to the market. We could hear that the 2015 Ford GT40 is being prepared to be reintroduced and again to bring some serious performances to large number of fans that will be quite interesting in this vehicle.

Iconic popularity of this model was earned during 1960s and we are sure that it will be designed with most respect to its roots and original looks. Best starting point could be the concept that was shown few years ago and we can see that the final model will be quite similar and heavily influenced by that one. Modern and hi-tech features are certainly expected and there is a great chance that this car will get similar treatment and scenario that we were able to see with Mustang which received high tech features in body that is close to the original.

2015 Ford GT40

2015 Ford GT40


When we compare this all new 2015 Ford GT40 and the old version we can easily notice differences in size and following trends Ford has significantly increase the size of the new model. Without a doubt the 2015 Ford GT40 will bring great design that can be easily compared and that can compete with most popular supercars in the world but with one unique thing that many can’t match and that is the American Muscle heart.

Specs Of 2015 Ford GT40

Since this is an performance oriented supercar its most important feature is the engine. Without a doubt we will be getting powerful V8 unit but it is a good question if it will come with supercharger and maybe even a possibility to bring the hybrid powertrain. Whatever Ford is preparing to offer in the powertrain segment we know that it will pump out 600 hp and more and when it is placed in a body that is about 1400 kg heavy it will be able to rip the asphalt. Estimations say that the properly equipped 2015 Ford GT40 will be able to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in only 3 seconds and to reach max speed of about 200 mph which definitely is a supercar territory.


Ford GT40 Side

Ford GT40 Side

Combination of supercharged engine and electric motor will bring great performances but also significantly lower fuel consumption when not being pushed to the max. It will be interesting to see if the 5.4 liter V8 unit will be supercharged and delivered with this model, we certainly that this powerful engine will come to offer some impressive figures.

Lower weight of the entire car has been achieved with the usage of the aluminum and other lightweight materials that improve structural integrity even total weight is lower than it was the case with original. To keep everything in perfect order in corners and when driving on high speed straights this car will offer four wheel independent suspension and specially designed dampers.

2015 Ford GT40 Price

There are at least few things that we still do not know but are quite interesting to us and many readers but we will have to wait for those. First, we do not know the price of the 2015 Ford GT40, original model from the last generation was sold for about $140,000 up to $150,000 plus few special version that were sold on auctions for much higher amounts. We can expect to see similar prices and if it goes over $150,000 it will not be a surprise for us.

2015 Ford GT40 Back

2015 Ford GT40 Back

Release Date

Furthermore we are waiting to get details about the release date for this car. Latest what we could hear is that it could be offered during the first half of the 2015th but then again we could hear that it could come as a 2016th model slightly before the end of the 2015th. Total amount of power it will bring and info about what type of powertrain it will have is still not known but we certainly do hope to see these information’s soon.

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