2015 Ford Galaxy Release Date And Price

Ford Galaxy is the mini-van produced by the joint venture called AutoEuropa which was made in cooperation of American Ford and German Volkswagen car makers. The 2015 Ford Galaxy will be again produced in Almela facility in Portugal. There are more vehicles produced by this joint venture including: VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra which are based on the same platform as the Ford Galaxy. This model was introduced in 1995, and since then it went through three generations.

Spy shoots for 2015 Ford Galaxy came out on the internet not long ago. On these shots we can see covered front part, so we can assume there is going to be some changes in that area. New Ford Galaxy is probably going to have redesigned bumpers, new headlights and redesigned grill, which can become much wider then in the last models. As a result it will offer more modern looks, increased road presence and overall more elegant design.

2015 Ford Galaxy Interior

2015 Ford Galaxy Interior


The 2015 Ford Galaxy is a comfortable vehicle above all and that’s what people are usually looking for when buying a mini-van. It can accommodate seven people inside the cabin. It is easy to reach the seats and ride is comfortable, but the biggest lack of the 2014 model was the lack of sliding doors, which could be seen on Seat Alhambra, which shares the same platform with Ford Galaxy. We hope that in 2015 model year sliding doors are going to be introduced together with some other minor updates.

2015 Ford Galaxy Release Date

One of the biggest shortcomings about the Ford Galaxy can be associated with the performance segment. This mini-van has disastrous fuel economy. Now, when we can even find hybrid versions of mini-vans, fuel consumption of gasoline Ford Galaxy models is just too big. Diesel models have little bit better fuel economy. Best diesel motor you can choose with Ford Galaxy would be 1,6 liter TDCi, which offers little bit above average performance and better fuel economy then the other engines, especially the gasoline ones. Again, problem with the smaller 1.6 liter unit is the lack of power about which many complained.

Ford Galaxy Back

Ford Galaxy Back


The 1.6 liter Duratorq engine offers 115 hp which is enough for 0 to 62 mph acceleration in about 13.4 seconds and max speed of 111 mph. More power is offered with 2.0 diesel unit that comes in two version with 140 and 163 hp which can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 10.6 and 9.8 seconds respectively. Most powerful diesel is the 2.2 liter version that pumps out 200 hp and sprints to 62 mph in 8.8 seconds. When it comes to gasoline engines there are two EcoBoost turbocharged options 1.6 liter of 160 hp and 2.0 liter producing 203 hp. These engines offer acceleration from 0 to 62 in 9.9 and 8.8 seconds.

2015 Ford Galaxy

2015 Ford Galaxy

Price and release date of Ford Galaxy have not been announced yet. We think that new model is going to cost more or less the same as the 2014 Ford Galaxy, so you can count to pay around $43,000. With a price that high, you can buy some more reliable mini-vans like Chrysler Voyager for example. Release date is hard to guess, but it will probably come in the beginning of 2015. Few months before that we expect some price information to come out.

Price Of 2015 Ford Galaxy

The 2015 Ford Galaxy didn’t really gave an impression of reliable mini-van, and it is certainly not cheap, its price is high, as well as its running costs, so we can’t really advise you to buy this model. Also, you need to know that this model is delivered only to European market and that U.S. market will most likely won’t see this one.

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