1968 Firebird Ram Air 400 Vs 428 Cobra Jet Mustang 1/4 Mile Drag Race

Here we have 1968 Firebird Ram Air 400 Vs 428 Cobra Jet Mustang 1/4 mile drag race. This is a rare opportunity to see two of these drag racing and we guarantee that you will be very surprised with time and exit speed that these offer.

Let’s start with Mustang. This is one of 243 428 CJ Mustang Coupe models that were created in 1969 but it is not known how many of those are in running condition. We are sure that the number is quite small making this drag race even more interesting. Immediately when you think about Cobra Jet you know that it will be impressive and this one brings auto transmission and 4.11 posi rear.

Mustang Vs Firebird

On the other hand we have 1968 Firebird RAM Air 400, more than impressive machine and it showed that to us in this drag race. This vehicle also comes with automatic transmission and 4.11 posi rear. It is hard not to love it when you see it running. Later, when you see what it does against Mustang, you will love it.

While we have no details about any modifications that were done on either of these, we are pretty sure that they are not far from stock. Few things upgraded and they could be easily running these times but with few heavier upgrades we are sure that they could do a lot more. What do you think what mods were done to these? Were they fully stock?


Firebird had a great start, it took lead and stayed there all the way. With very good start it reached 112.48 mph at the end of the run doing it in 12.645 sec. Mustang was also good but not good enough to beat Firebird. Exit speed for Mustang was 107.64 mph while it finished its run with time of 13.303 seconds.

Which one do you like more? Which one of these two impressive machines you would take home? Would you change anything on them?

Here is the video, enjoy:

Photo gallery:

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